Friday, August 22, 2008


There wasn't much of an excitement this time. I heard the reviews were bad and, as a habit, I avoid reading any review until after I've seen the movie. What I heard and read a lot about is the box office flop that it was. It created more news for not making enough money than for being nostalgia for what once very hip. For me, it was one of those I-have-to-be-home-Monday-nights thing in the nineties. Unfamiliar to the new generation, this was the time before youtube, torrents and DVDs at Makati Cinema Square.

A self-proclaimed X-phile, I did not pass up the chance to watch the latest movie installment of The X-Files movie, I Want To Believe. No excitement though was racing through my body. I semi-hated the first movie installment (I cannot fully hate something I had once fully adored) and had already read about the bad news box office. So, with low expectations in mind, I entered the cinema right when the lights turned off halfway through the entrance hall.

I'm kinda glad that this version did not deal with extra terrestrials and G-man conspiracy. Chris Carter was maybe thinking that it's been so long ago since he started The X-Files that we should go back to the beginning. Dwelling on skepticism, doubt, science versus faith, and a storyline that has a psychic taking you to the crime scene the FBI has yet to uncover, I Want To Believe is no grand movie, almost like an extended episode from early on of Season !, but still compelling for this fan. This is not a grand movie, no blockbuster. No extra large flying saucer at the end, like X-Files movie #1. There, I spoiled it for you if you haven't seen the first X-files movie. It's the same ending you will recognize in another sequel from just a month ago. I Want To Believe obviously stuck to drama and character. I'm still in love with Mulder and Scully. No more sexual tension (It's been consummated), but a relationship between the believer and the skeptic, just one way The X-Files series got me in the first place. I love it!